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Online Discussion
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Tünde Tóth
 HR assistant

Great language learning opportunity for young and old students with friendly and youthful instructors. They are open to everything and flexible for those who want to learn a language.
I received excellent preparation for my professional language exam and English job interviews. Thank you very much! ⭐

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Adrienn Horváth-Tóth
HR specialist

Rich helped me a lot with English speaking skills. I could barely say a few words in the first lesson. Besides, I've got the fluency at the end of my course. She is also precise that I could get a lot of tips and preparation for my job interviews. The classes were always engaging and interactive. I can discuss the date and time with my teacher. I recommend her to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an advanced level. Thanks ❤😊

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Flóra Szalai
Logistics assistant

It's my first time talking to a foreign person. I feel uncomfortable with her at the first meeting because my English was basic and I wasn’t sure enough that I am going to be understood by her. In contrast, my fear was gone after talking with Teacher Kitty who is patient, kind, and smart that she easily dissolved the interferences on me. I strongly recommended her to everyone because I think this is the most effective language learning method. :)